Friends of Wumenu Community Farm donates to Wumenu Basic School Ghana


We have recently donated books, chairs & tables to the Wumenu D/A Basic School in rural Ghana. The items value at sixteen thousand, three hundred and forty-six cedis, and eight – six pesewas (Ghc 16,346.86) equivalent of £2877.52

The donations were made up of items which were redirected from the Scottish landfill sites which the Wumenu project in Glasgow manages to send to Ghana as part of its recycling shmeme giving a second life to unused items in Scotland.

The donation is made up of over 5,581 selected books, of different levels and subject, and for teachers and learners. Basic 1 to 9 levels also received 200 chair and 44 tables that can seat two pupils each.The nursery received 12 tables that can seat 4 to 5 children each and 73 chairs for the comfort of the children for teaching and learning. Read the full story here…




Tolo Ahumata Media House


The African Arts Centre (TAAC) TV is Scotland’s new station working to plug the narrow and wider gaps in modern communication. An affordable and comprehensive platform enabling the disadvantaged poor to participate in basic human development with dignity from Scotland UK,

We pride ourselves as service providers for the disadvantaged poor of every society and one of the largest non commercial advertising medium for community development.

TAAC broadcaster offers not only air-time but acts as a production house for advertisements and program concepts.

Our volunteers enable TAAC to provide quality programming and relevant local and international news to the population, and consistently delivers the largest audience of any non commercial media company.

THE African Art Centre (TAAC) in Glasgow is an independent community Arts venue with our online Radio and TV station which aims to promote visual artists, designers, writers and musicians with pieces of original work to engage and interest the general public.

We are looking for creative people who have something to say or show through visual art, design, music, film, photography, fashion, journalism or creative writing

If you have something different from what has been mentioned, send it  to Chief Amu the Navigator.

Our aim is to promote all works contributed to TAAC through either online channels of communications or In our gallery or community Hall space in Ibrox to a wide audience.

Writers must apply with a CV and an original example of their own work. All forms of writing will be considered. Experience is not essential but is welcomed.

Visual artists must apply with a CV and at least 3 examples of their own original work.

All other applicants must send an up to date CV, an example of their original work and a description of their work.

If you want to share something different that has not been described yet, get in touch.

We also welcome proposals, collaborations , joint partnership projects .

All contributions must be sent to We aim to get back to all contributors within two weeks.

Any questions you may have, do not hesitate. We will try our best to get back to you.

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Tel: 01412582911  Email: